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Confidently step out in a stylish and supportive faja. Elegance and grace in a lace-detailed shaping faja
Abdominal Control Detachable Straps Zipper Fajas
Sale price$94.49 Regular price$144.89

3 colors available

High waist curvy fajas for women buy-under-bust-shaping
Post-surgical Butt Lifter Shapewear
Sale price$102.89
1 review

2 colors available

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Post Surgical Body Shaper Fajas Post Surgical Body Shaper Faja
Post Surgical Body Shaper
Sale price$88.19 Regular price$100.79

2 colors available

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Fajas Shapewear Zip Up Wide Straps Fajas Shapewear Zip Up Wide Strap
Fajas Shapewear Zip Up Wide Strap
Sale price$77.47 Regular price$141.74

2 colors available

white bodysuit women lace bodysuit long sleeve
Full Size Lace Shapewear for Women Shorts
Sale price$79.75
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2 colors available

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Stage 3 Fajas Curve Bbl Shorts
Black Crotch Hooks High Waist Fajas
Sale price$73.49 Regular price$83.99

2 colors available

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Faja with breathable fabric for all-day comfort. Waist trainer faja helping you achieve your fitness goals
BBL Open Crotch Three Hook Fajas
Sale price$77.69 Regular price$109.19
1 review

3 colors available

Beautiful woman in a faja, enhancing her curves with style. Seamless faja for a discreet and smooth undergarment experience.
Lace Open Crotch Flatten Tummy Fajas
Sale price$94.49

2 colors available

Save $13.46
BBL Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Fajas BBL Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Fajas
BBL Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Fajas
Sale price$60.80 Regular price$74.26
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Women's-long-sleeve-fajas-bodysuit body-suit-shapewear-with-lace
Long Sleeve Lace Detail Shapewear
Sale price$47.03 Regular price$49.48

2 colors available

long sleeve bodysuit shapewear for women long-sleeve-bodysuit-with-lace-for-women
Full Size Long Sleeve Zip-Up Lace Shapewear
Sale price$48.48

2 colors available

Long-Sleeve-Body-Suits-USA Long-Sleeve-Body-Suit-with-Lace
Full Size Lace Detail Long Sleeve Zip Up Shapewear
Sale price$46.17

2 colors available

 Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Bodysuit Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Shaping Usa
Full Size Hook-and-Eye Under-Bust Shaping Bodysuit
Sale price$45.33

1 color available

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Bodysuit for Shaping Under-Bust with Hook-and-Eye Shaping Under-Bust with Hook-and-Eye
High Waist Butt Lifting Shaping Shorts For Women High Waist Butt Lifting Shaping Shorts
Full Size High Waist Butt Lifting Shaping Shorts
Sale price$28.82

2 colors available

Tummy Control Latex Open Bust Shapewear Tummy Control Latex Open Bust Shapewear Near Me
Tummy Control Latex Open Bust Shapewear
Sale price$80.61
1 review

2 colors available

Shop Fajas Shorts Near Me Buy best Fajas Shorts
High Waisted Knee Length Fajas Shorts
Sale price$83.99

2 colors available

Confidently shape your waist with a premium compression faja. Faja with targeted compression for a sculpted midsection
Side Zipper Under-Bust Fajas
Sale price$103.90

2 colors available

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Best Full Size Shaping Bodysuit Waist Eraser Faja
BBL Fajas Removable Pad Shapewear
Sale price$81.89 Regular price$113.39

1 color available

Save $40.03
Slimming faja designed for all-day comfort and support. Postpartum faja providing gentle compression for new moms
Fajas BBL Zip Up Under-Bust Shaping
Sale price$94.36 Regular price$134.39

2 colors available

Fajas Full Body Shaper Fajas Fits
Hook & Eye Lace Trim Bodysuit
Sale price$92.39

2 colors available

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Women under bust shaping shapewear near me buy now High Waist Fajas Zipper
Curvy Faja Front Zipper High Waist Butt Lifter
Sale price$77.69 Regular price$92.39

2 colors available

Eye Hook Dress Shapewear Cutout Lace Dress Buy near me
Cutout Lace Detail BBL Faja
Sale price$78.74

2 colors available

Fajas Body Shaper for Women Near Me Body Shaping Fajas Nearby
Spaghetti Strap Lace Trim Bodysuit
Sale price$94.49

1 color available

Welcome to FajasFits Body Shapewear Collection; we understand the importance of self-love and body confidence. Our exclusive collection of premium women's Baja body shapers is designed to provide perfect natural beauty and the support you need. We'll walk you through our platform's diverse range of body shapers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your unique style and body type.

Shape Your Style:Boost Confidence with FajasFits Body Shapers!

Whether you are looking for a full-body shapewear makeover or targeted support for specific areas, the FajasFits Body Women Shapewear Collection has the perfect solution. Our extensive collection includes:

1.1 Full Body Shapers:

Achieve a flawless hourglass figure with our Bodysuit collection, providing perfect support and body control.

1.2 Tummy Control Body Shapers:

Flatten and tone your midsection with our tummy control body shapers, giving you a sleek and sculpted look.

1.3 Plus Size Body Shapers:

Celebrate your curves confidently using our range of plus size body shapers designed to sweeten and support your beautiful figure.

1.4 Seamless Body Shapers:

Experience maximum comfort and discretion with our seamless body shapers, perfect for any outfit.

1.5 Strapless and Backless Body Shapers:

Rock that strapless or backless dress with our universal strapless and backless body shapers, offering a secure fit without compromising style.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

At FajasFits, we understand that everybody is unique and women need the perfect look. That's why we offer an extensive range of body shapers for various shapes and sizes. Here's a guide to help you find your perfect fit:

2.1 Understanding Your Body Shape:

Explore the best body shapers according to your body shape, including hourglass, rectangle, pear-shaped, and more.

2.2 Choosing the Right Compression:

Tailor your compression level based on your comfort and support preferences. From light to firm compression, we have it all.

2.3 Specialized Shaping:

Whether you're looking for a buttock lifter, waist trainer, or postpartum body shaper, we have specialized options to suit your needs.

Love Your Curves: Find Your Ideal Body Shaper at FajasFits!

What sets FajasFits apart is our commitment to quality and functionality. Take a look at some key features that are ideal for your body shape:

3.1 Breathable Materials:

Stay comfortable all day with our breathable and lightweight fabrics that provide maximum support without sacrificing comfort.

3.2 Adjustable Straps:

Customize your fit with adjustable straps for convenience and flexibility.

3.3 High Waist Designs:

Our high-waisted body shapers will provide a seamless look under your favorite outfits.

3.4 Butt Lifter Technology:

Improve your body figure with our buttock lifter body shapers, designed to lift and contour for a naturally sculpted look.

The FajasFits Advantage

Why choose FajasFits for your body shapewear needs? We're not just a store; we're your partner in confidence. Here's what sets us apart:

4.1 Quality Assurance:

Our fajas shapers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

4.2 Size-Inclusive Collection:

We celebrate everybody, offering sizes perfect for all women.

4.3 Expert Customer Support:

Have questions or need assistance? Our knowledgeable customer support team is here to guide you in finding the perfect body shaper.

4.4 Fast Shipping throughout the United States:

Wherever you are, we'll deliver your confidence-boosting body shaper right to your doorstep.

Transform your silhouette and boost confidence with an instant sexy shape for every woman's body size, FajasFits. Shop the best body shapers for women at, which has premium quality and fast delivery throughout the United States. Your journey to self-love and body confidence starts here. Feel Great, Find Your Perfect Body Shaper at FajasFits!